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Kerala Snake Boats

Kerala Snake Boats

Kerala, known for its enigmatic backwaters and serenity of nature is beautifully carved with alluring Western Ghats extending from 500-2700 ms in the east, Arabian Sea in the west and a network of 44 rivers deservingly naming Kerala, the God’s Own Country.

Sparkling rivulets, smiling paddy fields, exotic hill stations, vivacious sea shores, rejuvenating ayurvedic spas, tranquil house boat trips, famous snake boat races, the list moves on making Kerala the all in one aesthetic package. Kerala, the snake boat race fame, comes with a line of snake boats all ready for the most happening races stretching from the month of July to September.

Built with specifications in Sthapathya Veda, the ancient thesis on building of wooden boats, snake boats are usually 100 to 138 ft in length and its resemblance to the hood raised snake easily helped to get its name, Snake boat or Chundan Vallam.

Some of the famous boat races are Champakulam Moolam Boat Race, Aranmula Uthrattadi Vallamkali, Payippad Jalotsavam and Nehru Trophy Boat Race bringing together a mixture of excitement, fun, music, team spirit and vibrant energy of not Keralites alone but of people round the world. A snake boat normally has about 10 singers and over 100 oarsmen to cheer and lead their head held high boats to the ending point. A gust of people from all over the place gather on water edge to applaud and cheer up the spirits of oarsmen of their all time favorite boats. The race following the mythic ethos is still followed with great pomp and pleasure refreshing people from the daily chores.

With such high priority to snake boats and race, Aries Punnamada Chundan came up with the most remarkable innovation in the history of snake boat building industry. Mr.Sohan Roy, CEO, Aries Marine & Engineering Services produced the longest snake boat (Chundan Vallam) made of steel. Aries Punnamada Chundan with a length of 143 ft, accommodating up to 135 rowers found place in Limca Book of Records as the longest snake boat made of steel and is now all set to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

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